WordPress widgets for beginners

WordPress widgets for beginnersWith widgets, you can easily add content to the sidebars of your WordPress website. They can be used to display categories, search boxes, calendars and many, many other features and plugins. Widgets can be added, removed, reorganized by dragging, dropping and configuring. In most instances, they require no coding knowledge.

There are quite a few useful widgets that come prepacked with WordPress. If you want to add more, go to the Plugin->Add New menu and search for widget-based plugins of your choice. Not all plugins offer widget capabilities.

Adding widgets to your sidebars

  1. Within wp-admin, click on Appearance->Widgets (left menu).
  2. On the right hand side, expand the bar (i.e. “Sidebar Right”) that you want to add your widget to. Do this by clicking on the title sidebar itself to expand.
  3. Click, drag and drop your desired widget from the Available Widget window into your required sidebar palette. This will automatically save and will be live on your WordPress website.
  4. Most widgets will have further customization options that can be accessed by clicking on each widget to expand. You can also give your widget a heading by defining a Title.
  5. You have the option to Delete Save or Close your widget once it is placed within a sidebar.
  6. If you have more than one widget within your sidebar, you can reorganize by clicking and dragging them into a different order.

Adding custom text or HTML widgets to your sidebars

You can place text, images, embeds, JavaScript  and other HTML/XHTML-based code into your side bar. To do this, you will need to use Text widget from the Available Widgets window. Simple drag and drop the Text widget in to your sidebar and add the text/html/XHTML to the text-area within the widget. If you are writing in paragraphs of text, click on the Automatically add paragraphs tick-box option. You can also wrap CSS ids and classes around your text.

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