PHP: View an array in a readable format

Complex php arrays can be very difficult to read with print_r, but using this method you’ll be able to easily comprehend the structure of your php array in a readable format.

Menu System – CSS

Today, I wouldn’t dream of using so much code let alone tables to hold together a collection of buttons, instead, I use simple, clean and elegant CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Here’s how…


Comments – PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript & ASP

Comments simply allow you to add notes to your PHP, HTML, CSS etc. They are especially useful when it comes to complex areas of code – giving you a quick reference point and clearer understanding of ‘what goes where’ when revisiting a file.


CSS background tutorials

CSS is such an incredible language; both easy to learn and time-saving. CSS will allow you to do things with text, images and standard HTML code that you cannot do with HTML alone. One feature that I think you find useful is the use of the background-image property within CSS.


Using Includes within PHP pages to save time

When I first started out as a web designer, I kept clear from the advice of senior designers and refused to venture into any form of coding that wasn’t standard HTML; If a file didn’t end with a .htm or .html, I wouldn’t go near it.


Controlling header tags with CSS

Header tags are incredible important in optimising your website for search engines. You should include all of your most prominent keywords and phrases within them.


PHP and MySQL code generator

The PHP and MySQL code generator was built to cope with the repetitive aspects of website development. It is free to use and useful for any level of understanding.


Random seeds with PHP

Display random information within a web page. Here are a number of things that you may want to try out using PHP.


Layout with PHP Server-Side Includes

If you have a website containing more than a few pages ensuring that, for instance your menu system is up-to-date on every page can be very laborious and leave plenty of room for error. We used to use frames to cut out the hard work, until we realised has absolutely disastrous they were for the search engine indexing process.


Random Images – PHP

You can use PHP to display pictures randomly for a designated folder on your server. I often use this for random header images in my designs; very effective and puts a different spin on each page.