Shorten a string & add an ellipsis – PHP

Shorten a string and add an ellipsis (…) to the end of it with this simple PHP function.

Clean a PHP array

A simple method to clean a PHP array using a series of functions. Remove duplicate values and empty spaces from your PHP arrays.

Pagination – Page Numbers – PHP & MySQL

Divide multiple results from a MySQL query onto separate pages within this handy pagination php function.

Generate a random password – PHP function

Generate a random password using this simple PHP function. You can easily set your own character length.

String to URL – PHP function

Convert any string into an SEO, html-friendly url with this handle and simple PHP function.

Merging Arrays with PHP

Learn how to join arrays together with this simple merging arrays php function.

Get Percentage – PHP Function

Here is a short php function to get percentage amounts based on 2 numbers. The percentage is rounded before it is delivered.


String to URL – PHP Function

PHP function to convert a string into an SEO ready, browser-friendly URL. Useful for article creation in conjuction with .htaccess ‘RewriteRule’.