What is PHP?

You may have heard of PHP and haven’t a clue what it is all about. This tutorial sets out to answer by example the question – what is PHP?

Splitting a string with explode()

The split() function is now deprecated, so here is another function to use in it’s place. Explode() can be used to convert a delimited string into an array.


Simple PHP Function

A beginners tutorial on create a simple PHP function and using it to repetitive procedures.


Formatting Date with PHP

Easy level tutorial on formatting date with the date function in PHP to display on a web page.

Formatting Strings with PHP

A simple step-by-step tutorial on formatting strings with PHP. Using PHP functions such as strtolower, strtoupper, ucfirst, ucword and str_replace.


Showing data – MySQL with PHP

A look at simple implementation of PHP and MySQL for showing the contents of a MySQL database table. Beginners tutorial.


Adding data – MySQL with PHP

Here is the solution that all PHP/MySQL newbies ask for – how to add data to a MySQL database table using PHP via a webpage.


Creating a Loop in PHP

In PHP, wouldn’t it be useful to be able to simply ‘loop’ through data to cut down on repetition. Of course this functionality already exists and is central to so many things that you can do with versatile language.


Simple PHP Arrays

An array is a collection of multiple values or ‘compartments’ stored in one variable. Arrays can be used to sort, group, count data and make it available to the front end user.


Adding today’s date & time to a web page

How do you add today’s date and timeto a web page? I don’t want to have to manually update it myself! Try date() with PHP.