The new Adobe 3D printer support

Adobe Photoshop – a release for 3D Printers!

The 3D revolution If you are a member of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, you are now able to access an exciting new array of features within Adobe Photoshop. The California-based company has just released major enhancements for 3D printers. Adobe Photoshop, since it’s initial release in 1988, has lead the way in photo-enhancement. It rapidly…

Using Layer Mask – Effective layer blends

During this tutorial, I’ll be introducing you to a single application of Adobe Photoshop’s layer mask. I’m not going to explain everything there is to know about layer mask, but show you a simple day-to-day operation that will help you create effective blending between objects on layers. A lot of…

Create an Action in Photoshop

Beginner level tutorial on creating Actions within Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop: Color Mode | RGB – Grayscale – CMYK

It is useful to understand the concept of Color Modeswithin Adobe Photoshop. Tutorial covering RGB, CMYK and Grayscale

Resetting Adobe Photoshop’s Settings

If you are new to Adobe Photoshop, you will no doubt get the urge to experiment with layout, customisable settings and a host of other things that for the time being, completely baffle you. A healthy way to learn. Meandering through this vast application usually results in finding great new…

Does Adobe Photoshop version matter with most tutorials?

Adobe Photoshop installed on its network – many students express a concern that whilst learning about the wonders of Ver.7 will that new knowledge then be applicable to CS1 or CS2 (8-9)? My answer is always a resounding ‘Yes!’

Scanning in black and white photographs

On occasion, many of my students have brought scans of old black white family photographs to my lectures burnt onto CD. These images are usually scanned using a large variety of applications and nearly always exhibited the same misunderstanding.