Using Unsharp Mask To Sharpen Photographs

Tutorial on using Adobe Photoshop’s Unsharp Mask filter to a professional standard.

The secret to using Adobe Photoshop to a proficient level

Anyone who has ever used Adobe Photoshop will tell you that there is a lot to learn in order to perform even simple tasks. You would be forgiven for admitting that you felt a little bewildered by the large array of menus, floating palettes and tools on offer.

Feather via the Option Bar

Never, never, never use the Adobe Photoshop feather option on the option bar! It’s just plain silly! Want to know why…read on.

Levels and ‘Alt’ in Photoshop

When you use levels to balance the colours/tones within Photoshop, instead of trusting the visible pits and peaks along the histogram, hold down the ‘alt’ key on your keyboard whilst dragging the black point and white point.