Choosing the best selection tool

Scenario: Using Adobe Photoshop, you wish to select and copy Auntie Edith from one photograph and paste her into another. Which selection tool do you use?

Using the Brush Tool in image retouching!

Creating convincing grain over an air-brushed area. Most Adobe Photoshop users, from novice to pro, will recoil at the thought of using the Brush Tool in restoring or manipulating any portion of a photographic image. This is understandable as this process usually results in a ‘very digital’ and texture-less conclusion….

Adobe Photoshop Brushes – Introduction

Ever stop to wonder about the vast array of brushes on offer within Adobe Photoshop and how to use and mix them?

Using the clone/stamp tool properly

I have seen it time and time again. Photoshop users using the stamp tool like as if they are creosoting a garden fence.