Q & A: So you want to know more about WordPress?

A friend or colleague has been trying to talk you into opting to use WordPress over traditional website build methods. You are not totally convince and need further persuasion. Just what are the benefits? Why use WordPress? What is WordPress? Below is a list of commonly asked questions and the…

Writing posts WordPress

Create a scrollable area – CSS

Instead of using a seo harmful iframe in your page, try this very simple CSS scrollable area script. Create and control contrainable content.

Web Design

Guaranteed top 10 placement on Google?

How many times have we received spam-mail in our inbox offering a service that will absolutely guarantee 10 top if not even no.1 placement for our website on the major search engines such as Google? In my experience – plenty is the answer.

Web design – an easy level?

This ‘easy level’ tutorial is intended for the absolute beginner to web design. Some may say that I am throwing you into the deep end by explaining everything in the terms of HTML code rather than explain how to use the popular WYSIWYG applications currently on the market.

Setting up a website

Okay, so you have read plenty of tutorials on how to put a web-page together and you have the very latest WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) application i.e. “Dreamweaver” to help you generate your ticket to an easier life, but what next? How do you actually get those pages online?

Taking your first steps as a Web Designer

It’s not an easy road becoming a web designer. There are so many things to learn in order to beat the competition. Here are a few starting points.

Powerful SEO Common Sense

Discover the true secret behind powerful SEO. Anyone can make their web story a successful one with the right mix of powerful SEO common sense.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

There are plenty of pitfalls when it come to SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Learn how to promote your website without cheating.

5 Things to avoid when building a website

Putting together your first web page can be full of pitfalls. Here is a list things your should steer clear of when building a website.