The Tool Palette

Photoshop Tool Palette
Think of the ‘Tool Palette’ as a box in which you keep your collection creative hand tools. It contains all of the necessary utensils you will need for any image restoration or manipulation project.

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that there are only 22 or so Photoshop tools at your disposal. However many other excellent items are hidden beneath others. Wherever you encounter a small black arrow to the bottom right of a tool, there will be others within that group beneath it.

Find more tools

To reveal hidden tools, simply ‘right click’ (WINDOWS) or click and hold down your primary mouse button (MAC) over a marked icon. Other tools will now appear within an expanded menu. Left-click on the desired tool to select it.

Please note:¬†You will find that all tools within the tool palette will have a letter of the alphabet beside it’s title. This signifies the quick-key reference for that tool. Press that corresponding key to select the tool.

In many cases a group of tools may share the same allocated letter of the alphabet. Hold down the shift-key and press and repeat the associated character to scroll through each tool within that group.

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