The Menu System

Photoshop menu system

Photoshop menu system

The Adobe Photoshop’s menu system isn’t that different from that found in any other application. As you move your cursor across the menu bar at the top of the interface, you may notice a few familiar titles such as ‘File’, ‘Select’, ‘View’, ‘Window’ and ‘Help’. Click each of these to allow further menus to cascade down and outward.

Expand menu arrow

Some menu items have black arrows to the right of them. If you click one of these groups, a further menu will cascade out, giving you more options. Menus are organised into logical groups. For example; should you need to open or save a file,  navigate to the File menu. The ‘Select’ menu contains all you need to work with selections.

Tip: As you navigate through the menu system, you will notice a number of codes next to many listed items. These codes represent quick-key functions. Memorize the ones that you visit the most, it will help you become more efficient.

A quick-key example

The following calls up ‘Save for Web‘, found under the File menu.

Press and continue to hold down Alt+Shift+Ctrl and then press the S key to call up that function.

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