Resetting Adobe Photoshop’s Settings

If you are new to Adobe Photoshop, you will no doubt get the urge to experiment with layout, customisable settings and a host of other things that for the time being, completely baffle you. A healthy way to learn.

Meandering through this vast application usually results in finding great new methods and tools. You may feel a little apprehensive towards such wanderings; being concerned about ‘messing everything up’. Be at peace…the answer is here!

You can easily reset all settings within Adobe Photoshop to default, without having to reinstall. If things do go painfully wrong and you are at a loss on how to revert the mess you have got yourself into, then try using the following method and quick-keys:

For versions 6 and onward

Reset all tools

  1. Click on the tool icon on the options bar.
  2. Select ‘Reset Tool’ or ‘Reset All Tools’ for the sub-menu (encircled arrow).

Reset everything

  1. Start up Adobe Photoshop
  2. (Be as quick as you can) Whilst Photoshop is loading, hold down the CTRL+SHIFT Keys and press ‘ALT’. On a Mac use the COMMAND key as opposed to the CTRL.

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