PHP and MySQL code generator


I have been a website designer and developer for the since 2001 and have worked on both static and dynamic websites. Although I very much enjoy working with HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL, I am always trying to find quick ways to produce reliable code.

I noticed, after building many a website; that although each project is and should be tailored to the client’s requirements, there still remains for the most part, a huge amount of repetition as far as coding is concerned. Because of this, I decided to start work on an online code generator that would specifically deal with adding, updating and deleting data into a MySQL database via a PHP script. An application that could be used for a large variety of projects.

After weeks of tweaking and testing, my PHP/MySQL code generator had finally arrived. All I would need to do is instruct via a simple form, how many fields I required within my database table, allocate field names, form types (i.e., dropdown, text field, checkbox, etc) and click ‘Next’. Job done.

The resulting codes came through to me clean, without bugs and ready to copy and paste into my web projects. All of that monotonous, repetitive coding was finally, for me, at an end.

Then I had another idea. If this code is such a time saver for me, why not let others use this system. So I decided to allow anyone access to my PHP and MySQL code generator for free.

The link to the PHP & MySQL generator

Please feel free to use this generator. If you find it useful, then please tell other people about it and put a link to it on your website to support this project.