5 excellent jQuery tabs systems

Below, is a list of some of the jQuery tabs systems that I have tried, tested and used in the past year. Such systems have made a great addition to my website portfolios, they have become a mainstay for organizing and splitting up on page information. Not only do they look great, they increase user experience and assert a professional feel.

Why jQuery?

Lately, the Internet has been buzzing with many great jQuery scripts to download and install on our websites. jQuery is such an easy to use and safe language, no wonder it has been so successful. It allows you to push way beyond the confines of HTML and CSS and deliver a user experience that it more like an offline application without compromising on SEO and accessibility factors.

1. CSS3 & jQuery tabs folder

An excellent and great looking jQuery tabs system. Featuring beveled, slanted edges, drop shadows on tabs and transitional effects.

2. Google Play’s minimal jQuery tabs with CSS3

Minimum Tabs
Very sleek and dynamic jQuery tabs system with slanted, transparent tabs with roll-over and content transition effects.

3. Slick Tabbed Content Area

Slick Tabs
Crisp and clean jQuery tab system with square tabs and bottom up animated transition effects.

4. Tabs without style

Light weight JQuery tabs
Animated transitional effects and tabs with rounded edges. Ready for your customization. A lightweight and very clean jQuery tab system.

5. jQuery Tabs – JQuery UI

JQuery Tabs UI
Very stable, looks great and simple jQuery tabs system with rounded tabs. Can be manipulated to suit all sorts of uses. The first choice for many developers.

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