Guaranteed top 10 placement on Google?

How many times have we received spam-mail in our inbox offering a service that will absolutely guarantee 10 top if not even no.1 placement for our website on the major search engines such as Google? In my experience – plenty is the answer.

Knowing a fair bit on the subject of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will help you realise that the whole business of reaching within that coveted top position on the major search engines for any given search phrase or keywords is a very complicated affair. So many factors will influence this including:

  • Keyword density
  • Title and description meta tag
  • Level of competition
  • Level of competition (worth mentioning twice!!!)
  • Amount of years that your domain name has been registered for
  • Page rank
  • Back links
  • Simplicity of coding (to a certain degree)
  • And oh so many more factors…

Truth About SEO

The plain truth is that there is no way of guaranteeing placement at no.1 or even within the top 10. In claiming that there is a secret method, a newly discovered back door on the search engine these companies are being highly foolish and down right dishonest!

Such claims can be compared to me claiming that I can 100% guarantee that one day I will become the King of England after a long and bloody civil war. Although this is not beyond probability, it is highly unlikely and I certainly can’t guarantee it. However, coming up with a good repertoire of crowd pleasing speeches and rip-roaring sword play my increase my chances.

In a similar way, adopting good SEO practice will increase your website’s chances of getting a good response from the search engines. I sure that there are plenty of good SEO specialists out there that can examine a website and then provide expert advice on improvement that can be made – but improvements are all they will be – not magic cures.