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Generate PHP & MySQL8 years ago, at the start of my exploration into PHP and MySQL, I soon learnt that building a website  involved a huge amount of repetition. The process of adding, editing, listing and deleting database data via a PHP/MySQL framework would be processed in a predictable manner.

Coding these processes with PHP and MySQL soon becomes a thankless task and very time consuming. Even though I relied on heavy ‘Cut & Paste’, it still required hundreds of tweaks for every string, value and database field.

Quick & easy code generation – Let the code write itself!

About 4 years into my journey, I thought ‘enough’s-enough’, I want to put my feet up, make a cup of tea and the code writing itself. So using PHP, I created a PHP and MySQL code generator. I wanted it to be simple, but flexible enough to handle the bulk of my day to day work.

Okay, I couldn’t get it to do everything, like come up with an amazing website design, or handle complex arrays and database joins. I could get my PHP/MySQL generator to handle the common repetitive tasks.  I was amazed on how quickly I could now put a decent data-driven website together.

Free for personal & commercial use!

My PHP & MySQL generator has proved itself to be of immense value to me. It’s not all singing and dancing and will only offer a foundation for your code-life. You will have to add all of the bells and whistles yourself. But, it will save you a huge amount of time and (if you are a beginner-developer) it is a fine tool for exploring the relationships between PHP and a MySQL database table.

Generate PHP/MySQL link

Many years on, I’m still using it on a regular basis. I hope you enjoy using it to! Generate PHP and MySQL now:

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