Does Adobe Photoshop version matter with most tutorials?

Adobe Photoshop version concerns

Every term I get asked the same question from my students
Now, the University that I teach at hasn’t got the latest version of Adobe Photoshop installed on its network and as a result many students express a concern that whilst learning about the wonders of Ver.7 will that new knowledge then be applicable to CS1 or CS2 (8-9)? My answer is always a resounding ‘Yes!’

The Adobe Photoshop’s development strategy has always been a process of slow evolution rather than rapid redevelopment. I have the sneaky suspicion that this is the reason why Adobe have done so well with this leading industrial standards application. They got it right in version 1 and have just improved and added on existing features up until the latest version (CS2). Adobe haven’t had to try and mimic any other imaging application.

The vast majority of tutorials currently on this website or beyond will more than likely are applicable to lower versions of Adobe Photoshop. Of course, this argument may have a slight cut-off point – any users using version below ver5.5 may struggle with many popular tutorials due to the absence of Layer Styles, the History Palette, Editable Type Layers, Picture Package, etc.

Apart from all of this, Photoshop hasn’t change a great deal since its launch in 1990. Many aspects such as creating selections, editing pixels via the Clone Stamp tool and using the Paint / Air Brush (fundamental skills needed to be a Photoshop specialist) have been around since the beginning.

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