Create a new image canvas

New image canvasThe New dialogue box provides the opportunity to create a blank or transparent canvas to any given dimension. Size settings will automatically adjust to accommodate any recent image fragment copied the clipboard.

You can access this dialogue box by visiting ‘File > New’ or by holding down the CTRL key and pressing ‘N’.

Explanation of settings

  1. Name will be used as a file name. No need to add an extension.
  2. Preset… The Preset drop-down menu contains a list of commonly used and user generated dimensions and setup presets.
  3. Width and Height. You are able to choose a unit of measurement from the drop-down menu and input the required height and width.
  4. Resolution settings corresponds to the DPI (dots per inch or pixels/inch) resolution set for print. Although you can select pixels/cm, it is not a widely recognised industrial standard. The correct resolution for print will vary dependant on technology and output use.
  5. Color Mode allows you to select the desired colour mode for you new image. RGB is commonly used for screen output, CMYK is mainly adopted for print and grayscale can be implemented for either purpose.
  6. Bit Depth is also known as ‘depth of colour’. The two options ‘8 bit’ and ’16 bit’ align to the amount of colour depth within an within an image. The higher the number, the greater the quality.
  7. Background Contents determines whether your new canvas is setup to be ‘Transparent’, ‘Background color’ (fig1) or to ‘White’ by default.
  8. Image Size. The numeric data below this title indicates what the image file-size will be once generated (without compression). This information will automatically change during modification of size or resolution. Be mindful that the amount does not exceed the limitations of your computer, resulting in poor performance.
  9. Save/Delete Preset… Allows you to save or delete your current setup for future use. (See ‘Preset…’)
  10. Advanced gives you the opportunity to set a colour profile or screen aspect for your new canvas.

Click on the ‘OK‘ once you are happy with your settings to apply changes.

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