Canvas size

Increase Canvas sizeThe Canvas Size dialogue box allows you to expand or contract in any given direction the dimensions of canvas on which you image is placed. This tool can be found by clicking on (menu) ‘Image > Canvas Size…’ or by right-clicking on the blue info bar at the top of your image and choosing ‘Canvas Size…’ from the drop-down list.

An example of use

You may wish to expand an image to rectify image proportion problems. In this example (right), the photograph of these standing stones was a little too short on the width. The canvas was increased to the right by an appropriate amount.

Canvas size dialogue boxExplanation of settings

  1. Current Size provides you with information on the current size (without expansion) of your canvas in relation to pixel measurements and file size.
  2. New Size allows you to increase or decrease the current canvas size and also provides file size information relative to any such adjustments.
  3. Drop down menus are available for you to choose your preferred unit of measurement.
  4. Relative when ticked allows you to make adjustments relative to current size. Default relative size will be zero. Any numbers added to the Width or Height boxes will cause the canvas to increase by that amount. For contracting measurements add a minus symbol before the number, i.e. ‘-12’.
  5. Anchor allows you to specify the direction of expansion. The arrows will demonstrate the selected direction. Please note: if you are only changing the width of you canvas, clicking on the top, middle or bottom of the opposing anchor square will result in the same desired outcome.
  6. Canvas extension color. Specify the colour of the new canvas area once settings have been applied.

Click on the ‘OK‘ once you are happy with your settings to apply changes.

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