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Writing Posts with WordPress

A full tutorial on how to get the most out of post writing within WordPress, by WordPress expert, James Middleton. Features image placement, text formatting, design principles and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) considerations.

The new Adobe 3D printer support

Adobe Photoshop – a release for 3D Printers!

The 3D revolution If you are a member of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, you are now able to access an exciting new array of features within Adobe Photoshop. The California-based company has just released major enhancements for 3D printers. Adobe Photoshop, since it’s initial release in 1988, has lead the way in photo-enhancement. It rapidly…


Q & A: So you want to know more about WordPress?

A friend or colleague has been trying to talk you into opting to use WordPress over traditional website build methods. You are not totally convince and need further persuasion. Just what are the benefits? Why use WordPress? What is WordPress? Below is a list of commonly asked questions and the…


All important top 10 WordPress plugins

Over the years, as a prolific blogger, I have gathered together a collection of WordPress plugins that I install on every blog. Some of them I have found myself, others have been recommended by other bloggers. The article contains a list of WordPress plugins that I simply can’t blog without….


Exporting & Importing: how to migrate a WordPress Blog

Planning to migrate your WordPress-based blog or website to another server? The Export/Import options within wp-admin allow you to carry over your database. You need very little technical skill to do this and the entire process typically takes between 5-10 minutes. This should not be confused with migrating your blog…


User account management in WordPress

The user account management system in WordPress is very flexible. It allows you to create user access at different levels, giving individuals bespoke degrees of control. You can even allow for certain types of accounts to be set up autonomously by your visitors. Add a user account Login to wp-admin…


Creating & managing menus in WordPress

By default and in most cases, as you create pages (not posts), a link is added to your template’s menu system. Each link is listed alphabetically and you have no immediate control over order or which links are shown. However using the Menus Manager in wp-admin, you can be more…


WordPress widgets for beginners

With widgets, you can easily add content to the sidebars of your WordPress website. They can be used to display categories, search boxes, calendars and many, many other features and plugins. Widgets can be added, removed, reorganized by dragging, dropping and configuring. In most instances, they require no coding knowledge. There are…


WordPress: Creating categories & tags

Categories and tags provide a useful way of organizing large numbers of posts. They allow you to filter your articles for better user navigation.  There are many uses for both, but in general categories can be applied to menu systems and tags are useful for related articles. Categories are like…


Inserting images into your post in WordPress

No post is complete without an image or two. They help lighten the burden of lots of copy and provide an instant impression of what your page is about. In WordPress, inserting images couldn’t be easier. What not to do with your images Before I show you methods for image…